Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Quote -- (re: Farrah Gray)

Monday, March 31, 2008 -- by Wow Jones

SUPER QUOTE – Farrah Gray

In a Black History Month Supplement section of a newspaper, (dated February 20, 2008, not sure of which paper—perhaps The New York Post?) I stumbled across an article on young, black, self-made ‘real’lionaire Farrah Gray. In which Mr. Gray is promoting a new book of his called “Get Real, Get Rich: Conquering The 7 Lies Blocking From Success”.

Now while the title of his book is a bit more provocative than the book itself, Mr. Gray is good for a super quote or two.

The article, “Making Bank: Self-made millionaire turned author Farrah Gray shares secrets to getting rich” by Georgette Roberts synopsizes Farrah’s tale of growing up poor on the south side of Chicago and his transition to becoming at 22, a famous and rich man.

When discussing how he opened an office on Wall Street at the age of 13, Mr. Gray remembers,

“It was a very interesting experience. I choose Wall Street because I knew that if Wall Street coughs, the rest of the world sneezes. I also wanted to be in the heart of the financial center that drives not just America but the whole world.” -- Farrah Gray

Another Super Quote, courtesy of Mr. Metaphor.

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