Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Improve Your Stage Presence (re: Miri "Sonyk Rok" Park)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 -- by Wow Jones

It only took 8 seconds. Near the end of the AIR GUITAR NATION documentary dvd, I saw a vision unlike any other. As the camera faded in from black, it tilts up to reveal the sexiest pair of shins, calves and thighs I'd ever seen. Covered up by white knee-high socks, knees bent slightly and crouched atop her tip-toes in rock star stance.

Dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl-esque outfit, Miri "Sonyk Rok" Park leaped down from one level of the stage onto the other and strutted across the stage like she owned it.

With Sonyk Rok's white shirt/blouse tied at the waist, black sandals, white socks and dark plaid skirt which covered up her white panties--she was not to be denied. Her forceful nods had her long, silky hair flailing about as she shook her head from side to side. While contorting her face--grimacing, straining, screaming, lips pursued, singing and howling as she stomped forward across the stage towards the camera as the flashbulbs flashed. What can I say, I was transfixed.

And to think, it only took 8 seconds. After a quick glance at the photo below, I'm surprised it took THAT long.

Her image was part of a montage detailing what happened to the Air Guitar contestants in the time since the filming of much of the production. All I can say is, I'll never forget her.

That stage presence, that beauty, that swagger. Man...

More later.

--The Wow Jones Report

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