Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How To Have Your Audience Begging For More (Re: Garth Brooks)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008. -- by Wow Jones

Country Star Garth Brooks' quote made at the end of his Kansas City concert special broadcast on GAC TV, “Garth Brooks: One Man, One City, One Night” was one whopper of a quote.

I saw the concert in early February after getting a pal to Tivo the concert during the Christmas holidays. After performing his heart out (despite showing some rust after not performing regularly in 7-8 years), he did something unique. At the end of his show, he acknowledged his situation and said something profound--with emotion.

“You guys came back to me for this music.” His voice cracked as he declared, “I promise you, if you wait for me, I’ll be back!” -- Garth Brooks to fans

Tantalizing and beguiling. Heartfelt promises tend to do that.

P.S. By the way, It sure was nice to see Garth Brook Band mainstays like Dave Gant, Mike Palmer, Jimmy Mattingly, Mark Greenwood, Stephanie Davis again.

-- The Wow Jones Report


Lead Electric Guitar: Gordon Kennedy
Lap & Steel Guitar: Bruce Bouton
Acoustic Guitar And Vocals: Stephanie Davis
Bass And Vocals: Mark Greenwood
Keyboards: Dave Gant
Fiddle & Acoustic Guitar: Jimmy Mattingly
Drums & Percussion: Mike Palmer
Background Singers: Vicki Hampton
Karyn Rochelle
Robert Bailey

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