Monday, March 3, 2008

How To Give A Great Soundbite (Re: Sid Heal)

Monday, March 3rd, 2008 by Wow Jones.

Yesterday's broadcast of 60 Minutes had a story that featured a soundbite people could learn from.

The story, "The Pentagon's Ray Gun" was about the development of a new weapon the military has developed. A new "ray gun" that emits...microwave beams of heat that are designed to eliminate deaths incurred while trying to control crowds. Called the A.D.S. (Active Denial System) it's taken some time to try and use the gun in Iraq.

Sid Heal, a former Marine Corps point man for non-lethal weapons tried to help explain why it's taken so long for the Armed Forces to use the new non-lethal weapon.

"I was the bugle in the orchestra. I was playing the same music, but it wasn't sounding the same." -- former Marine Sid Heal

Terrific soundbite. Sid Heal uses metaphor to get a point across and vividly make an abstract point.

-- The Wow Jones Report

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