Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Give A Memorable Radio Interview: Radio Interview Tips and Techniques (re: Conrad Dobler)

How To Be a Memorable Radio Guest: Radio Interview Tips and Techniques - - (re: Conrad Dobler)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 By Wow Jones

Whether you are selling a cause (hell, perhaps you are trying to convince people to vote for you), an idea, a new CD, a movie, a book, a play, or a TV show; you are gonna have to figure out a way to promote yourself and whatever it is you are selling. Whatever the medium, hopefully it reaches lots of people and affords you the opportunity to reach out to the public.

One of the advantages of radio is the fact that the medium is a theatre of the mind. People don’t SEE nor SMELL you, they HEAR you so if you have the gift of gab and have something that resembles a personality - - odds are you’ll connect with audiences.

One day I was skipping across some city concrete the other day while running errands. In the midst of doing that, I listened to this interview on NYC sports station WFAN-AM on January 29, 2008. In Arizona during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, hosts Joe Beningo, Evan Roberts (and special guest co-host, former NY Giant Carl Banks) announced that they were about to chat with ex-NFL player Conrad Dobler. I’d never heard of the guy, but upon hearing that he was a legendary player and a borderline Hall-Of-Famer, I was intrigued.

Once landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the 70’s for being “pro football's dirtiest player”,

Conrad Dobler was an offensive lineman for a number of NFL teams. For those who don’t know, offensive linemen are the men who stand in front of the quarterback and try to protect him from the opposing team's lineman and linebackers while the quarterback tries to throw the football on a passing play, or they try to push the opposing team's linemen aside or down and make holes for running backs to run through on running plays.

Conrad Dobler's played a game he loved before millions, written a book,

and even starred in a beer commercial,

- - in short, he’s lived quite a life. Now he’s an advocate for an organization called The Gridiron Greats, a group of ex-NFL players fighting for better health benefits.

When I heard Conrad Dobler say in his opening remarks that he went from being a Saint to a Cardinal (he played for both teams at some point in his football career) “…without ever going to church” I knew I was in for a one-of-kind-interview. In this interview Dobler talks about his life playing football, how he developed his nasty reputation and the plight facing ex-NFL players. This interview features memorable quotes and funny one-liners. Dobler knows how to make a point and does so in an engaging, entertaining manner. Listen and hear for yourself.

Take notes and peep game.

--The Wow Jones Report

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