Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How To Become An Internet Sensation: Alexyss K Tylor -- Halloween "Givin Dick Out Like Government Cheese..."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 --by Wow Jones

I believe this is the first clip I came across featuring Alexyss K Tylor and her Vagina Power.

Sure, Alexyss K Tylor (The Black Dr. Ruth?) has her detractors, but love her or hate her, the woman knows how to communicate her ideas. In this clip, pay particular attention to HOW she gets her points across on sex and relations between the sexes.

Here are a few excerpts on this particular clip.

I’m PILOTing the pusssy
See Y’ALL got to be a PILOT over the pussy y’all.

Y’all got to be the Pussy PO-lice y’all.

…the men that we have designated to be our men to honor us, love us, respect us, and COMMIT to us, CANNOT be trusted

they done TOOK the wedding band off the finger

…a lot of men are scared to put the wedding band on the finger because they know in that woman’s mind the wedding band is also gonna be a NOOSE around the NUTS!

I mean a TRUE nut-bracket, to lock em in and keep them in check til they can’t give it to no one else!

We got to GUARD, HONOR and PROTECT the sanctity of the vagina.

…she does not have her policeman’s hat ON
She does not have her general’s hat ON
She does not have her sargeant hat ON
Because she done took it off and gave it to her MAN once she say I do or once she say she in a commitment.

Now while you at work or while y’all at the grocery store (points), or while y’all at CHURCH, you need to be in TUNE with your vagina AND the dick and the nuts that you done committed this right here too, because a lotta da men have THROWN away any type of verification. Hmph. To prove that they dick belong to YOU (points)! And they meetin’ up with other women or they tryin’ to hook up with another woman to give the dick out to ration a piece of it out just like they ration when they give out government cheese in the projects. See we got to STOP this right here (waves both arms)

--The Wow Jones Report

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