Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How To Become An Internet Sensation: "Dick Will Make You Slap Somebody!" -- (re: Alexyss K Tylor)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 -- by Wow Jones

Alexyss K Tylor. A southern woman who talks frankly about sex and relations between men and women. I initially came across this woman about a year ago when a bunch of youtube clips from her Atlanta public access show hit the 'net.

Funny, hilarious and truthful. Listen to how she communicates. She's brilliant. Below is a clip entitled "Dick Will Make You Slap Somebody!" WARNING: If you are at work, keep the volume down, or listen with headphones.

Apparently, she's making an appearance at Spelman College tonight in Atlanta. Should be quite a spectacle.

Here are a few of her...sermons

2 Faced Dick
Hard Dick and Candy
Penis Power
Vagina Power
Why Men Like Sneaky Pussy
Spiritual Sperm Power

Sure, Alexyss K Tylor (The Black Dr. Ruth?) has her detractors, but love her or hate her, the woman knows how to communicate her ideas. In this clip, pay particular attention to HOW she gets her points across on sex and relations between the sexes.

"Dick Will Make You Slap Somebody!"

--The Wow Jones Report

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