Friday, April 4, 2008

Walt Clyde Frazier = Deft Phrasing

Friday, April 4, 2008 -- by Wow Jones

Heard on the SUN 3/30/08 Knicks versus the Atlanta Hawks TV broadcast by

Color commentator Walt Clyde Frazier and Play-by-Play announcer Bob Wischusen (in for Mike Breen).

These are the phrases uttered by Clyde Frazier.

Coasting and toasting

Pizzazz, melancholy,

Propel him into stardom,

Matador D (defense) by David Lee

Swoop to the hoop,

rectify, thrive, pass was awry,

Jamal Crawford propelling the Knicks with his offensive prowess (3rd quarter),

A belated call,

Isiah always unflappable - - doesn’t raise an eyebrow (after a bad play or bad call)

Jamal and Lee becoming quite a tandem,

Knicks were a step short in coming back to Bibby, now the Hawks fans are becoming restless with their Hawks as the boos cascade down from the rafters.

Good aggression by Crawford. _______ is manhandling the Knicks now, seen some dubious calls, we’ve seen this from Crawford before--this type of offensive eruption,

Shakin and bakin,

Balkman with reckless abandon on offense or defense, splendid passes.

Picked apart, swarming about on defense without a purpose, uncanny ability to _______,

Resounding rebounding, the Hawks right there could not corral the ball,

you need an exquisite touch, you can’t unravel, too demonstrative,
one of Josh Smith’s forte’s – huffin and stuffin’,
you can see him exuding more and more confidence,

ball hangin and bangin in, they’re compelled to foul now.

--The Wow Jones Report

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