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Table of Contents of KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicles

KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicles (Front Cover)

TABLE OF CONTENTS of new book, KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicles

Introduction: MOVING FORWARD

Chapter 1: Janet, The Last Black Jackson
Control album
Billie Jean music video
Beat It music video
Thriller music video

Chapter 2: Understanding Michael Jackson
Bad music video
Bad album

Chapter 3: The Gloved One Is Not A Chump *
Black Or White music video

Chapter 4: Sibling Song
Word To The Badd single

Chapter 5: “How Deep Is Your Afrocentricity?” Ask Michael & Iman
Remember The Time. Music video

Chapter 6: Michael Takes A Bow For Jam
In The Closet music video
Jam music video

Chapter 7: Father Figure
The Jacksons: An American Legend TV Movie

Chapter 8: Videos Change The Style of “Black Film”

Chapter 9: Jackson’s TV Ad Makes Rhetorical History

Chapter 10: Screaming Te Be Heard, Book I
HIStory album
Scream music video

Chapter 11: Screaming To Be Heard, Book II
HIStory album

Chapter 12: Montell and Michael Exploit/Explore Happy Negro-Fallacy
This Is How We Do It single

Chapter 13: Earth Song Moves Music Video Mountains
Earth Song music video

Chapter 14: Jackson and Jam-Lewis Hope Louder In New Remix
You Are Not Alone music video
You Are Not Alone/Scream Louder Remix single

Chapter 15: Lists & Prizes in the Arts for 1995
City Sun Year’s Best Excerpt

Chapter 16: Hear, My Dears
Blood On The Dance Floor album

Chapter 17: Remembering “Ben”
Willard film

Chapter 18: Song Of The Day: Man In The Mirror

Chapter 19: Jackson Pop: Music Video Artists and Hollywood Influence

Chapter 20: In MJ’s Shadow

Chapter 21: Twenty-First Century Renaissance



117 pages

5.5 by 8.5 inches

* Chapter 3 won the ASCAP Deems-Taylor Award For Music Criticism in 1992.

ISBN # 978-0-9842159-0-4

For US Orders, The Book's cost is $13.00 ($10.00 for book plus $3.00 for shipping and handling)

The Book is a collection of essays by Armond White from the last 25 years on the subject of Michael Jackson. They mainly cover the works (music/music videos) associated with Michael Jackson from the Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood On The Dance Floor Albums

Here's an article on Armond White music video presentation, KEEP MOVING: Michael Jackson's Video Art.

Here are two clips from a radio interview with ARMOND WHITE. He's interviewed by legendary Radio Personality Gary Byrd and Caribbean Columnist ("Inside Life") Vinette K. Pryce. The interview took place on Friday, November, 20, 2009 on WBAI-FM in New York City.

Radio Interview Clip 1

Radio Interview Clip 2

In the clips from the radio interview, Armond White talks about his "KEEP MOVING: Michael Jackson's Video Art" presentation, his book "KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicles", the Michael Jackson THIS IS IT movie and the movie PRECIOUS.

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